Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

PERFect-Pack™ Pallets Save Space, Eliminate Waste

Perfect PalletAlpha’s PERFect-Pack bottle bagging system envelopes single layers of bottles in clear plastic bags for convenient and economical shipping. Unfilled bottles are automatically inserted into plastic bags that are custom-sized to fit the height of each bottle, and then the full bags are sealed, labeled and stacked to a pallet height specified by the customer.

PERFect-Pack bagged bottles are sold in full pallet quantities only, but customers may buy as few as one pallet of select bottles in PERFect-Pack bags. When the bottles reach your plant, workers simply strip off the outer shrinkwrap around the pallet, pull each layer of bottles off the stack, and simply “unzip” each bag of bottles at the seam and put them into the unscrambler.

The PERFect-Pack system is especially efficient for larger bottles that often leave a lot of head space at the top of cartons; with the layers of bags, the pallet can be fully optimized with no wasted air space as with cartons.

PERFect-Pack Advantages:

  • Saves space: By eliminating wasted “head space” in corrugated shipper boxes, you can pack more product in every truckload and warehouse.
  • Improves ergonomics: Floor personnel can handle each layer of bottles separately instead of handling the entire contents of a 30-pound shipper carton at one time.
  • Reduces trash: PERfect-Pack bags eliminate the cost, waste and dust of corrugated cartons in your plant, and the LDPE bags are fully recyclable.
  • Improves stacking: Stacked pallets are stronger and sturdier with PERFect-Packs, and we can even add recyclable fiber corner supports if requested.

How much could you save?

Perfect LayerAlpha is currently using the PERFect-Pack system for dozens of sizes of bottles in each of our plants. Space savings vary by bottle size and pallet height, but they can really add up.

As one example, this customer packaged 250cc packers in a pallet four cartons high to stand 101.5 inches tall. That height yielded 7,524 bottles in the PERFect-Pack stack on the left; the pallet of corrugated cartons on the right held only 5,400 packers - or 2,124 fewer bottles. In the end, PERFect-Pack put 39% more product on each truckload!