Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

International Distributors

Alpha Packaging maintains a warehouse in The Netherlands. Our International Sales Representative, Johan Allertz, is able to help overseas customers in any country besides Canada. (Please see below for our Candian distributors.) Please contact Johan at:

Alpha Packaging International
Bisterhuizen 009
6604 La Wijchen, The Netherlands
phone: + 31 24 344 2360
fax: + 31 24 344 8398

In North America, Alpha Packaging also works wth the Canadian and Mexican offices of TricorBraun and other select distrbutors:

Canada and Mexico
Vancouver, B.C. TricorBraun
T. 604-540-8166
F. 604-540-8160
Ontario Packsource Corp.
T. 905-607-7460
Toronto TricorBraun
T. 416-213-7474
F. 416-213-7469
Mexico City TricorBraun
T. (55) 4209-2900
F. (55) 4209-2950