Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

International Distributors

Alpha Packaging manufactures a full line of PET bottles for the nutritional supplement, personal care, pharmaceutical and food markets in Etten-Leur, Netherlands. In addition, our product lines are represented in Europe and other countries outside North America by our stocking distributor, Novio Packaging. You may reach the Novio Packaging team at:

Novio Packaging BV
Bisterhuizen 2401
6604LK, Wijchen, The Netherlands
phone: + 31 (0) 24 344 2360
fax: + 31 (0) 24 344 8398

In North America, Alpha Packaging also works wth the Canadian and Mexican offices of TricorBraun and other select distrbutors:

Canada and Mexico
Vancouver, B.C. TricorBraun
T. 604-540-8166
F. 604-540-8160
Ontario Packsource Corp.
T. 905-607-7460
Toronto TricorBraun
T. 416-213-7474
F. 416-213-7469
Mexico City TricorBraun
T. (55) 4209-2900
F. (55) 4209-2950