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Our New PET Beer Growler is Now Available in Two Sizes

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Alpha Packaging has just introduced two sizes of PET plastic Growlers for the craft beer industry. The 32-ounce and 64-ounce plastic Growlers are a great option for off-premise draught beer sales, as a substitute for traditional glass vessels. They allow consumers to take fresh draught beer directly from the tap to places that glass is not allowed, including beaches, parks and other outdoor venues.

What is this Growler opportunity all about? Read our Downloadable FAQs.

In addition to traditional amber Growlers, Alpha will be offering clear PET Growlers, and can also incorporate up to 30% post-consumer PET (PCR) for orders of 50,000 pieces and above. The 64oz Growler is manufactured in our Cleveland, Ohio plant, and will initially be stocked in both Cleveland and Salt Lake City. Based on geographic demand, we could also create duplicate blow molds for our 2-stage platform and make these bottles in any plant where we have 2-stage assets.

The recyclable PET plastic is substantially lighter than glass, and is allowed in many places that glass is not. It can be washed with soap and re-used, or – for occasions when it’s inconvenient to bring the container back with you – the plastic Growler is so inexpensive, it can be recycled in the PET recycling bins found in parks, at beaches and at other public places.


The 64-ounce Growler features a decorating lug in the base to facilitate screen printing, so unlike traditional glass Growlers, you can print multiple colors on the Alpha PET Growler. The other side of the Growler features a large front label area so companies have plenty of room for branding, as well as all mandatory legal information required by different states. The 32-ounce Growler features a pressure base design engineered especially to handle carbonated beverages and a tamper-evident (PCO) neck finish.

Growlers will be stocked in light amber and clear PET and packed in bulk boxes. They will be sold by the full pallet (64oz Growler = 576 pieces; 32-ounce Growler = 960 pieces) with one-pallet minimums, and there is a discount for truckload quantities. Custom-colored Growlers are also available for 50,000-piece minimums.

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