Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

The Alpha Store: In-Stock Inventory Available by the Pallet!

Alpha Packaging is introducing a new stocking program that allows customers to purchase stock items in smaller quantities, straight from inventory. The Alpha Store allows you to buy select in-stock items by the pallet, and is ideal for end-users and distributors who need smaller quantities of our most popular items, but don't want to wait for upcoming production runs.

Pricing for Alpha Store items can be found on special Alpha Store price sheets, available from your Alpha Sales or Customer Service Representative. Call our St. Louis customer service team at 314-427-4300, or ask your Sales Representative for details.

Item # Description Neck Color/ Resin Pcs/Pallet Available Qty* FOB
1000534 12oz Tremont Sprayer 28-400R Clear PET 2,376 20,160 CLE
1000485 16oz Tremont Sprayer 43g 28-400R Clear PET 2,880 29,928 CLE
1000513 23oz Tremont Sprayer 28-400R Clear PET 1,620 11,745 CLE
32oz Tremont Sprayer II 28-400R Clear PET 1,152 14,976 CLE
1000324 2qt Plaza Jar 110-400 Clear PET 480 15,360 CLE
1000547 1gal Plaza Jar 110-400 Clear PET 360 19,800 CLE
1000321 5oz Honey Bear 2-panel, decorated 38-400 Clear PET 4,560 11,400 CLE
1000316 8oz Honey Bear "belly bear," decorated 38-400 Clear PET 4,560 13,680 CLE
1000359 8oz Honey Bear 1-panel, decorated 38-400 Clear PET 4,560 9,120 CLE
1000006 8oz Honey Bear 2-panel, decorated 38-400 Clear PET 4,560 4,275 CLE
1013979 15oz Honey Bear 2-panel, decorated 38-400 Clear PET 2,600 7,200 CLE
1004339 32oz Growler II 28-PCO Clear PET 960 5,760 CLE
1004341 32oz Growler II 28-PCO Amber PET 960 19,560 CLE
1000539 64oz Growler 38-400 Clear PET 576 2,304 CLE
1000342 64oz Growler 38-400 Amber PET 576 11,808 CLE
64GRW38LAPET** 64oz Growler 38-400 Amber PET 576 24,696 SLC
1000375 9oz Clark Oblong 38-400 Clear PET 4,480 67,200 CLE
1000054 12oz Clark Oblong 38-400 Clear PET 3,200 54,400 CLE
1004340 48oz Jupiter Oblong Tall 38-400 Clear PET 504 4,032 CLE
1000116 64oz Jupiter Oblong 38-400 Clear PET 416 1,616 CLE

* Available Quantities published on this page are accurate as of November 6, 2017, but are subject to change. Available Quantities will be updated once per week on Mondays.

** 64GRW38LAPET is the same item as 1000342, but 64GRW38LAPET stock located in our Salt Lake City warehouse and may have a different price than the stock located in Cleveland.

Quantities Will Change Frequently, So Don't Delay!

Alpha is committed to developing a stocking program that meets the needs of customers, and the items listed above were chosen for The Alpha Store based on customer inquiries. We’ll continue to add to The Alpha Store inventory every month with exciting new items available for low minimums.

Please note: Some Alpha Store items have special item codes (listed above), so please make sure you are ordering the correct item in order to take advantage of the lower minimums. Most of the items currently in The Alpha Store are clear PET items manufactured in our Cleveland, Ohio plant, but we’ll continue to add new items every month as they become available.

For customers who need quantities in excess of the in-stock quantities listed above, we can schedule a production run just for you; also, if you need special labels or unique lot numbers for your stock Alpha products, we can accommodate you with a make-to-order run. We are not able to second-label inventory designated for The Alpha Store, and we cannot allocate this existing stock to your order if your order exceeds current inventory levels of a particular item.

To order any of the items in The Alpha Store, please call our Cleveland customer service team at 216-252-5595 or our St. Louis customer service team at 314-427-4300 and reference the item codes listed above.