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PET Wide Mouth Oblong Packers

Oblong packers are typically used for pharmaceuticals, vitamins and nutritional supplements in pill or tablet form, although they can also be used for liquids. Our 225cc size is available in both a continuous-thread and a J-Cap (Hinge-Guard) finish. The PET resin is clear, shatterproof and recyclable. It also accepts colorants well for transparent, translucent and opaque effects.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) H x W x D Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
40cc 53cc 28-400 1300/T 9.6 3.050 x 1.380 x 1.091 2.040
165cc 170cc 38-400 436 20.0 4.125 x 1.988 x 1.737 2.750
165cc 170cc 38 J-Cap 435 20.0 4.125 x 1.988 x 1.738 2.750
225cc 260cc 38-400 280 24.0 4.770 x 2.225 x 2.065 3.502
225cc 260cc 38 J-Cap 280 24.0 4.770 x 2.225 x 2.065 3.502

The 165cc PET Wide Mouth Oblong Packers are manufactured in our Vancouver, British Columbia. Some geographic restrictions may apply to the 165cc size, so please speak with your Alpha Sales Representative for details.