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PET Wide Mouth Bottles and Jars

PET Beadless Packers

Alpha's new line of beadless PET packers are a lighter-weight, sustainable option for nutritional supplements in pill ir gummy form. We currently offer the 300cc bottles in both a standard and a "tall" version, and the 400cc bottle in the standard profile. All of these beadless packers feature a 53mm continuous thread neck. The 300cc "tall" bottle is manufactured in Salt Lake City and the bottles with the standard profile are made in Bethlehem, PA.

Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
300cc 365cc 53-400 TBD 37.0 4.683 x 2.656
300cc Tall 369cc 53-400 TBD 37.0 4.921 x 2.593