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PET V-Line Round Packers (J-Cap)

With our recent acquisition of Vanga Products of Surrey, British Columbia, Alpha has added a line of continuous thread PET Packers that is similar to our existing line. We are calling this the V-Line, and please note that in most cases, the dimensions and gram weights of Alpha's traditional Round Packer line and the V-Line Packers do not match up exactly. Some geographic restrictions may apply to the PET V-Line Packers, so please speak with your Alpha Sales Representative for details.

To order samples, click the cart icon next to the item(s) you want. You can specify quantities and colors when you visit your sample cart (click on the cart icon at the top right corner of this page).

Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
100cc 124cc 38 J-cap 520 15.0 3.413 x 1.850 2.275
120cc 140cc 38 J-cap 495 17.0 3.625 x 1.925 2.400
150cc 175cc 38 J-cap 362 20.0 3.825 x 2.150 2.550
150cc Tall 175cc 38 J-cap 418 19.0 4.125 x 2.000 2.850
200cc 245cc 45 J-cap 350 25.0 4.313 x 2.300 2.900
250cc 292cc 45 J-cap 315 27.0 4.425 x 2.550 2.900
300cc 370cc 45 J-cap 240 30.0 4.710 x 2.725 3.200
400cc 443cc 45 J-cap 180 35.0 5.187 x 2.875 3.650
500cc 535cc 45 J-cap 156 40.5 5.400 x 3.100 3.700

Please note: If you have ordered samples of Alpha's standard line of PET Round Packers, they will have the Alpha logo on the base. If you have ordered V-Line Packers, they will have the letters VP on the base.