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PET Honey Bears

Alpha now manufactures four sizes of PET Honey Bears. Because the net weight of honey is different than liquid ounces, each bottle size translates to a different "Net Weight" in honey:

5oz bottles hold 8oz Net Weight of Honey
8oz bottles hold 12oz Net Weight of Honey
11oz bottles hold 16oz Net Weight of Honey
15oz bottles hold 24oz Net Weight of Honey

Our 8-ounce Honey Bears come in three styles (the Belly Bear has no label panel area; plus we have a 1-panel and a 2-panel option) and these bottles can be decorated in-line with a traditional black nose and eyes. All other sizes are only available with a double label panel.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) H x W x D Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
5oz 2-panel bear 177.0ml 38-400 TBD 19.5 4.740 x 2.153 x 2.014
8oz Belly Bear 251.0ml 38-400 285/T 24.7 5.552 x 2.600 x 2.059 None
8oz 1-panel Bear 251.0ml 38-400 285/T 24.7 5.580 x 2.610 x 1.906 2.43
8oz 2-panel Bear 255.0ml 38-400 285/T 24.7 5.554 x 2.585 x 1.952 f: 2.44; b: 2.37
11oz 2-panel bear 336.0ml 38-400 285 23.7 5.837 x 2.621 x 2.470 TBD
15oz 2-panel bear 496.0ml 38-400 TBD 36.5 6.660 x 2.990 x 2.824 TBD

Alpha's 11oz PET Honey Bear currently exists as a unit cavity only; if you are interested in this bottle, we can build production tooling within the standard lead time for a minimum order of 50,000 pieces. T = Tumble Pack.