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PET Jupiter Oblongs

Alpha's 64oz Jupiter Oblong has become the industry standard for environmentally-responsible automotive appearance product packaging. And now, we've added a new 48oz size that's perfect for automotive products, household soaps and chemicals and anti-bacterial products. It's also ideal for ice melts and other dry powders or pelletized products. Available in up to 30% post-consumer (recycled) PET, and featuring a convenient gripper area, these lightweight and durable bottles will help you make the transition from PVC to Earth-friendly PET.

To order samples, click the cart icon next to the item(s) you want. You can specify quantities and colors when you visit your sample cart (click on the cart icon at the top right corner of this page). SAMPLES ARE CURRENTLY LIMITED TO ONE BOTTLE PER SIZE.

Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) H x W x D Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
48oz Squat 1448.0ml 38-400 TBD 68.5 8.782 x 4.872 x 3.250 TBD
48oz Tall 1500.0ml 38-400 TBD 68.5 9.953 x 5.103 x 2.820
64oz 1978.0ml 38-400 48 68.5 10.282 x 5.625 x 3.220 TBD

The 48oz and 64oz Jupiter Oblongs are made in our Cleveland facility using a 2-stage (reheat and blow) molding process. The minimum order for the 64oz size is one pallet for clear bottles; other colors may require higher minimums. The 48oz size is a unit cavity and requires a 50,000-piece minimum order.