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Alpha manufactures a 17-ounce Sedona Sprayer in HDPE and PET. The HDPE sprayer is available with either a 28mm Ratchet finish or a 28-400 Torque Ramp finish. The PET Sedona Sprayer is available with a 28-400 Ratchet finish or a 28-400 continuous thread finish. The items for which we currently have samples available are listed below.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) H x W x D Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
17oz HDPE Ratchet 550.0ml 28-400R 225 41.0 8.853 x 4.007 x 1.872
17oz HDPE Torque Ram 550.0 28-400T 41.0 8.905 x 4.007 x 1.872
17oz PET Ratchet 559.0ml 28-400R 198 43.0 9.064 x 3.807 x 1.762

Sedona Sprayers are made in our Cleveland facility. The minimum order for this items is 50,000 pieces for clear bottles. Colors other than clear may require higher minimums. Please note: the PET Sedona Sprayer has a slightly different appearance than the HDPE and PVC bottles shown in this photo.