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Technigraph Decorated Samples

Technisheen Silver Process

The Technisheen Silver process is the ultimate metallic effect for fine detail. And at 60% to 70% less cost than hot-stamping, you can use it on your bottles, your jars, your tubes and your closures. Here, we have Alpha's 4oz 20-410 cylinder decorated with Technisheen Silver in selected graphics, combined with UV inks.

If you thought the impact of hot stamping was out of your reach, reach for a sample of Technisheen Silver from Technigraph.

To order samples, click the cart icon next to the item(s) you want. Samples of decorated bottles may be limited to one sample per decorating technique.

For additional information on decorating from Technigraph, contact your Alpha Sales Representative or call 507-454-3830.

Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
125ml 20-410 0.0 0.000 x 0.000

All featured decorating techniques are processes done at Alpha's Technigraph division. Samples may be limited, and the bottles you receive may be a different color than the one pictured above.