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Sample Pack

PET 70mm CRC-Compatible Cannabis Jar Sample Pack

Get samples of Alpha's BRAND NEW 70mm PET Jars that are designed to match up with 70mm push-to-turn child-resistant closures from Mold-Rite Plastics. These jare have a slightly wider profile than Alpha's traditional wide mouth jars, so the CRC closure is the same width as the jar for a streamlined look for products that require child-resistant packaging.

Designed for medical and recreational cannabis products now legal in many US states and across Canada, Alpha's 4oz, 6oz and 8oz jars serve the needs of a fast-growing market. This sample pack has both black and white PET jars in all three sizes, as well as a sampling of CRC lids.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
70mm CRC-compatible n/a 70mm special H various 0.0 0.000 x 0.000

Sample packs are limited to one per address. For larger quantities of jar samples, visit