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Sample Pack

Certified Ocean-Bound PCR Samples

Alpha Packaging is proud to partner with Bantam Materials and its OceanCycle line of Certified Ocean Bound post-consumer resins. Both the recycled PET and HDPE resins supplied by Bantam carry FDA Letters of Non-Objection, which means these PCR sources are approved for food contact.

Samples are limited to the sizes and styles listed below, and we are limiting quantities to 3 each of the PET and HDPE bottles. If you need more samples, please contact Marny Bielefeldt at and she can help schedule a custom production run.

Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
120cc 134cc 38-400 500 17.5 3.640 x 1.918 2.350
8oz/250ml 270.0ml 24-410 335 25.8 4.933 x 2.331 3.274