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HDPE V-Line Indented Rounds

Alpha offers a family of HDPE Indented Round Packers, called V-Line Indented Rounds, which are manufactured in our Vancouver, British Columbia location. These bottles are very similar in dimensions to some of our other Indented HDPE Rounds, so you may want to look at all three options available.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
75cc 85cc 38-400 11.0 3.150 x 1.710 1.906
100cc 125cc 38-400 13.0 3.400 x 1.850 2.080
120cc 150cc 38-400 14.0 3.800 x 1.975 2.310
150cc 190cc 45-400 17.0 3.925 x 2.150 2.475
200cc 230cc 45-400 20.0 4.150 x 2.313 2.525
250cc 315cc 45-400 24.0 4.750 x 2.463 3.125