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HDPE Narrow Neck Bottles

HDPE Blake Oblongs/Shelfpacks

Alpha manufactures four sizes of HDPE Blake Oblongs (also called Shelfpacks) typically used for liquid pharmaceuticals and hygiene products. All of the "BL Line" styles are extrusion blow molded at our Ypsilanti, Michigan plant.

In addition, we offer three styles of 16-ounce HDPE Blakes made in our St. Louis, Missouri plant. Two of the bottles feature an indented label panel; one style is also available with straight sides.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) H x W x D Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
8oz BL line 264cc 28-400 175/T 28.0 5.671 x 2.600 x 1.720 3.375
16oz BL line 531cc 28-400 224 41.0 6.966 x 2.950 x 2.250 4.500
16oz BL line 531cc N 28-KERR 224 41.0 6.966 x 2.950 x 2.250 4.500
16oz BL line 540cc 33-430 168 45.0 7.453 x 2.950 x 2.250 4.500
16 oz 537cc 33-430PL** 165 43.0 7.400 x 2.900 x 2.070 4.530
32oz BL line 1100cc 33-400 96 71.0 9.190 x 2.727 x 3.847 5.938

T = Tumble Pack; all other products are Stack Packed. *Straight sided style; no indented label panel. **PL=Pour Lip. ***Outsourced item manufactured at a facility outside of Alpha's manufacturing network. Neck sizes preceeded by an N feature a non-beaded neck finish; necks preceeded by an S have a shrink-beaded neck finish. Items with no letter before the neck finish have a standard beaded finish. Some items on this page may require a minimum order of 50,000 pieces; please ask your Sales Representative for details.