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PET Westlake Jars

The 8-ounce Westlake Jar is a straight-sided, two-stage PET jar manufactured with a spin-trim neck finish. The 32-ounce jar also has a spin-trim neck, but the sides of the jar slope gently to a wider diameter and feature subtle banding around the body of the larger jar to add wall strength. The 32-ounce jar is available with both a standard 70-400 neck and a "Deep Skirt" 70-470 neck, although the only samples we have at this time are the Deep Skirt option.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
8oz 262.0ml 58-400 280/T 25.0 4.261 x 2.310
12oz 390.0ml 63 Special TBD 24.5 4.650 x 2.690
32oz 985.0ml 70-470 Tall H 120 38.0 6.463 x 3.800

The Westlake Jar line is made in our Cleveland facility using a 2-stage (reheat and blow) molding process. The minimum order is 50,000 pieces.