Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering Services Ensure Quality, Quicken Time to Market

The Design and Engineering team at Alpha Packaging understands your need for speed. And we know the timely launch of your custom package requires we do it right the first time. To that end, we’ve built our design and engineering process to eliminate obstacles, reduce steps and run a thorough but quick first-stage production.

Alpha Art to part

Alpha Packaging Improves Service from Many Angles:


Alpha Packaging has over 100 PET preforms that run on our single-stage or two-stage PET platforms, and our design and engineering team is intimately familiar with the properties of these preforms. When you work with Alpha for a custom design, our team can make recommendations for which existing preform to utilize – or we can give you a custom preform that precisely meets your needs. We can also expertly handle your needs for custom HDPE bottles made from the injection blow molding or extrusion blow molding process.


We understand the complexity of designing a high-caliber blow mold – one that will provide even distribution of plastic, optimal cycle time and efficient design in relation to a complete tooling for production. Whether we use existing preforms or build an optimized preform exclusive to your need, we will always apply our knowledge of our platforms to arrive at the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Professional Design Services

Alpha offers everything from simple design to consumer-driven structural and industrial design services. We can truly take your idea “from art to part” with an efficient and intelligent design process.

Integrated Data

Our CAD and CAM software are integrated, so no data are lost in translating from design to manufacturing programs. And, if duplicate mold sets are required to satisfy your volumes, we have invested in sophisticated, automated CAM systems to insure precise replication of multi-cavity tooling sets.

In-House Tooling

We make the vast majority of both unit cavity and full production tooling in-house. This allows us better control over our quality and timing of new molds, and it enables you to be actively engaged in each step of the design and engineering process. If we cannot accommodate your timeframe with in-house resources, or if your project falls outside our core competencies, we have a trusted network of toolmakers who can expedite your project.

Adherence to Specifications

Every component we manufacture must conform to our rigid manufacturing specifications. Our standards apply while preparing our equipment for production and continuously during the process. Our specifications ensure compliance to yours.