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Leak Detectors

Automated Leak Detection Ensures Quality, Prevents Filling Problems

Quality Leak

A small leak can mean big trouble in a filling line. For liquids, clean up may demand that you stop production. And in pharmaceuticals, where you have to account for labels and product, leaks are a very expensive occurrence.

The process is straightforward: a hose drops down and seals against the neck of the bottle. Air blows in. If air escapes, perhaps through a hole or a "short shot" (misshaped neck), the bottle gets kicked off the line.

Alpha Packaging uses leak detectors on each critical line where leaks could be catastrophic. For example, most of the lines making liquid bottles have leak detection, and our extrusion blow molding pharmaceutical lines also have leak detection as a standard. We routinely evaluate new production lines to determine the appropriate downstream quality equipment, and continue to add leak detectors as requested by customers with critical applications.