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Vision Systems

Vision Systems Check Every Bottle for Color and Quality

Quality Vision

Great-looking containers help sell products, but inconsistent coloration can degrade your brand. That’s why every bottle and jar needs to have consistent color from base to neck, and from one production run to the next.

It’s not just bright colors or tints that need color consistency; even opaque white HDPE bottles need to maintain the same brightness across the entire run. Alpha Packaging consistently delivers color-true containers using a vision system that photographs each and every bottle as it passes through production. The system instantly compares each new bottle’s image with those of a master sample, pixel by pixel, for both transparent and opaque colors. If the image doesn't match the master, the system rejects the bottle, automatically, so color variances never make it to your filling line.

Vision systems are also used to detect any embedded particulates that might cause black spots or swirls in the surface of the bottles. When these flaws are identified by the vision system, they are kicked off the line immediately so they do not reach your filling line.