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Net Promoter Score

A Net Promoter Score® is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that gauges customer satisfaction with a company’s products or services. Satisfaction is measured on a scale of 0 to 10, then the score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who are Detractors (scores of 0 through 6) from the percentage of customers who are Promoters (scores of 9 or 10). In a recent third-party survey that included Alpha Packaging and several of its peers, Alpha’s NPS scores were significantly higher than our competitors’ scores among both our distributors and our direct customers. Our team is proud of these scores; there’s no better testament to the success of our business than the satisfaction of our customers.

Competitor 1
17 Distributors
31 Brand Owners
Competitor 2
4 Distributors
13 Brand Owners
Competitor 3
-14 Distributors
8 Brand Owners
Competitor 4
0 Distributors
23 Brand Owners
Competitor 5
18 Distributors
15 Brand Owners


Photo of Terry Moody
Terry A. Moody

President and CEO

Photo of Matt Blake
Matt Blake

Senior Vice President of Operations

Photo of Tom Mcnulty
Tom McNulty

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Larry Power
Larry Power

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Photo of Bryan Phillips
Bryan Phillips

Senior Vice President of Technology

Photo of Tracy Laxton
Tracy Laxton

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Photo of Adam Doane
Adam Doane

Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategy

Photo of Jack Baily
Jack Baily

Vice President, Distributor Sales

Photo of Dan Gehling
Dan Gehling

Vice President, Direct & Strategic Accounts

Photo of Marny Bielefeldt
Marny Bielefeldt

Vice President of Marketing

Photo of Shawn White
Shawn White

Senior Director, Supply Chain & Planning

Photo of David Kessleman
David Kessleman

Senior Director, New Product Development

Photo of Mary Anne Golba
Mary Anne Golba

Director of Quality

Photo of Brian Blackford
Brian Blackford

Director of Operations

Photo of Jody Sneed
Jody Sneed

Director of Customer Care

Photo of Jon Reavis
Jon Reavis

Plant Manager, Technigraph

Photo of Mike Mcgrew
Mike McGrew

Director, Technical Services and Continuous Improvement

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