Most Innovative Product Launch

Are you launching a new line designed for sustainability?

Are you using an innovative resin?

Have you made investments to protect the Earth?

Most Impactful Conversion

Have you converted to plastic from a less-friendly material?

Does the plastic you’ve chosen make a positive impact?

Did you reduce your brand’s carbon footprint?

Overall Environmental Impact

Does your packaging support people, planet and profits?

Is the Earth a happier place because of your company?

What are the positive impacts your brand makes each day?

Supplier Sustainabilty Awards

How have you engineered sustainability into the products you sell to Alpha?

What is environmentally-responsible about your products or services?

How do you make Alpha more sustainable?

Alpha Associate Sustainability Awards

What ideas do you have for sustainable practices at Alpha?

What actions should we be taking to support our environment?

How can we cut waste out of our processes?

Alpha Packaging will be working with customers, suppliers and our associates throughout 2021 to identify and document the sustainability efforts we’re making in tandem. On October 1, we will announce the nominees for our inaugural Alpha Sustainability Awards and begin the voting process. Winners will be announced at the end of October.

Learn About Our Efforts in Sustainability

Order Samples

Alpha has a limited number of sample bottles made from post-consumer (recycled) resins and plant-based resins. You may order one sample of the options we have in our sample room.